What to do when there’s no news: 7 proactive PR tips for law firms

September 4, 2020

What to do when there's no news

We always tell our law firm clients that it’s important to have sustained legal PR efforts. Media relations isn’t something you can do in fits and starts and expect consistent results. It’s hard to stay top of mind with journalists if they don’t hear from you that often. You must come to them fairly regularly with quality story ideas so they remember you’re out there.

But what if there’s nothing going on that’s worth pitching? It’s not like big litigation victories or massive M&A deals happen on demand. There are lulls in the practice of law — and that’s when savvy lawyers have to get proactive with their PR efforts.  

Here are some ways to keep the pitch hopper full when there’s no breaking news to trumpet. 

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3 PR takeaways from Cision’s 2018 ‘Global State of the Media’ report

May 8, 2018


Nowadays, the media is the news. With a president who calls the media “fake news” and an overwhelming supply of competing vendita gonfiabili content online, the news industry has been under rapid transformation and intense scrutiny like no other profession in past years.

However, the media — and the public relations profession — are winning.

One stunning proof point: The digital paywall business of “the failing New York Timesis growing as fast as Facebook and faster than Google. Its online subscription sales jumped 46 percent in 2017 to $340 million, and digital ad sales rose 14 percent to $238 million. Subscriptions now make up 60 percent of the news organization’s total revenue.

It’s an interesting time to be in PR.

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Don’t Give Up On Newswires Just Yet: The role they can play in your press release strategy

December 4, 2015

Don't Give Up On Newswires

Recently, Reputation Ink has been distributing client press releases left and right, and it got us thinking: are newswires worth it? Like really worth it?

In the past, the answer was a resounding ‘yes’ for most public relations professionals, and still is scivolo gonfiabile for some. Newswires were a go-to resource for distribution and SEO purposes, especially for corporate entities that had the funds to use a wire service every time they had news to distribute.

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Developing your marketing strategy: why an ‘all-of-the-above’ approach is more important than ever

July 15, 2014
Reputation Ink INKsights Developing your marketing strategy why an all-of-the-above strategy is more important than ever

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket

Remember when traditional marketing was dead?

It was only a couple of years ago that everyone from the Harvard Business Review to Forbes magazine was trumpeting the demise of traditional marketing and public relations strategies. In a world of social media and online marketing, they contended, old-school tactics for connecting with customers just wouldn’t cut it.

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How to hook a journalist on your press release from your email subject line

June 26, 2014

156705768I recently participated as a panelist in a webinar by BusinessWire for public relations professionals who pitch to journalists covering sports. I was asked to be a panelist because of my experience as a sports business analyst and reporter for outlets such as ESPN, Forbes, and Comcast Sports Southeast. However, I also brought something to the table the other journalists on the panel did not: I’m also a public relations professional.

Before the webinar, each panelist was asked to think of three things public relations professionals should know before pitching to journalists. I think all three of us on the panel immediately went to some version of advising people to only pitch us content relevant to our reporting and our platform. I would conservatively estimate 60 percent of the pitches I receive are on topics or story angles I would never cover for any of the outlets where I report.

A larger problem I discussed, however, is that I miss pitches that are perfect for my reporting because I simply can’t read every email I receive. That’s why it’s imperative to hook journalists from the subject line of your email.

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Want media coverage? Four reasons to start blogging today

May 6, 2014

JournalistI’ve been doing PR for nearly two decades. DECADES. That’s a long time to be in an industry that’s somewhat young. And boy has it changed since I started out. My first job out of college was in London (long story), working for a tech PR firm during the early days of the dotcom boom. Back then, we would wine and dine journalists. A big part of my job was to invite journalists at major tech magazines to lunch at some of the nicest restaurants in London (nice gig, huh?).

At lunch, I would introduce the journalist and the client (having previously briefed each one on the other) and let them talk, randomly interspersing some commentary or questions meant to ensure the conversation went in the right direction. A bottle (or two) of wine and a really expensive meal later, and we were nearly always guaranteed a story in the publication.

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