#INBOUND15: 7 tips to know before you go

August 7, 2015

INBOUND 2015 hacks

Last year was the first time I attended HubSpot’s annual conference, INBOUND. It was so amazing and overwhelming, it’s a miracle my head didn’t explode daily. I did learn a few things I’d like to share with those who will be attending this year, whether you’re vets or newbies to this mother of all marketing conferences.

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#INBOUND16: Tips for Newbies

October 24, 2016

#INBOUND16 Tips for Newbies, Repution Ink

How to survive HubSpot’s annual conference if you’ve never been


This year’s HubSpot INBOUND conference kicks off on a day we cannot wait to get here (and will hopefully survive), Election Day (aka “Uncle Sam’s Rock-bottom Yankee Doodle Suicide Pact 2016”). I’m so looking forward to focusing on something other than this painful election season, especially when free drinks are involved.

tips for HubSpot's annual conference

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Back by popular demand, here are some tips for you first-timers at HubSpot’s annual geek out. And even if you have attended before, hopefully you’ll find a nugget or two that makes this post worth the read.

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Make Your Mark on Inbound Marketing with Storymaking: How storymaking helps you connect with your audience

January 8, 2016

Make Your Mark with Storymaking

One evening about a year ago, I found myself trying on glasses frames for about two hours in my apartment. I don’t even wear glasses. But my former roommate Victor does. He had ordered five pairs of frames from Warby Parker as part of their free five-day home try-on offer. I thought this was the coolest thing; I’d certainly never heard of anything like it. And as a college gonfiabili student with no discernible income, being able to try on glasses at home for free was pretty damn great, even if I wasn’t looking for glasses in the first place.

Victor and I tried on all five pairs he ordered and explored dozens of other designs on the Warby Parker website. I had to wonder: what was the reason behind such an awesome try-on offer? Their company story is fascinating. It began when the founders’ frustration with crazy-expensive glasses finally boiled over. They wanted to make sight—a basic necessity—more readily accessible to those in need of glasses. And so they did.

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Simple is Better: How plain language benefits your content

November 2, 2015

Simple is Better: How plain language benefits your content

OK, so I’m pretty new to content marketing. As of this week, I’ve got a little over one full month of on-the-job experience under my belt, and I’m well aware that I have a long way to go before I can declare myself an actual content marketer. I’ll get there, just bear with me for now.

Like any form of writing, inbound marketing has its own unique flare about it. I’ve found it to be sort of like personal gonfiabili sportivi blogging, but on a professional platform. You pick and choose which topics really interest you, and write about why other people should care about them, too. So, my first impression of inbound marketing is teaching the world about the things you enjoy, which is pretty damn cool.

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Want better content? Grow a pair and get vulnerable

October 9, 2015

better content: get vulnerable

Great speakers make you feel like their message is pointed directly at you. Having had the pleasure to listen to Dr. Brené Brown’s keynote at HubSpot’s INBOUND15 conference this year had that effect on me. If you don’t know who she is (how did I miss this genius with three New York Times best sellers right now?!?), she gave one of the most viewed TED Talks, changed lives, and is well on her way to changing


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Why #GIRLBOSS interview missed the mark (and the message)

September 17, 2015

INKsights from #INBOUND15

Why #GIRLBOSS interview missed the mark (and the message)

Writing. Strategizing. Creating. Pumpkin spiced lattes (finally).

As my professional career chugs along, I continue to gain a greater understanding of what truly energizes me day in, and day out. Female empowerment—that’s emerged as another biggie for me. Following the stories of women who’ve rocked the business world inspires me, it motivates me. It’s something I’ve loved about walking into the doors of Reputation Ink every day.

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