The ultimate law firm marketer holiday gift guide: 2023 edition

October 24, 2023

The ultimate law firm marketer holiday gift guide

‘Twas the night before holiday vacation, and all through the law firm, not a body was stirring — except for you, that dedicated marketing director finalizing next year’s budget

OK, maybe you’re also watching for price drops on Amazon. ‘Tis the season, after all. 

 Since you likely bought, wrapped and sent all the firm’s client gifts, plus dreamed up an awesome holiday e-card, isn’t it time to treat yourself a bit?

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide for legal marketers. There’s something on this list for everyone — and you might want to share it on your social media so colleagues and loved ones see it in case they’re at a loss for what to buy you. 

Of course, printing off copies and “accidentally” leaving them lying around is also acceptable. Just as long as you circle your top choices in red ink.

For the bookworm law firm marketer

Law firm marketers are book people. It’s just a fact —  and one that goes hand in hand with the job description. These are some great ideas guaranteed to please any bookworm.

  • BookBook for MacBook: A snug and stylish laptop case that looks like a leather-bound book. What could be better?
  • Book-themed Kindle cover: These stylish covers give some classic flair to a Kindle.
  • Book of the Month subscription: A new book to devour every month? Yes, please! For those among us who are audiobook fans, BOTM now offers audiobook credits as well. All readers are welcome!
  • Books & Baths subscription: A good book, a candle and other bath-themed items combine to make a great subscription box any legal marketer will look forward to each month. 
  • Blind date with a book: Many legal marketers are lifelong learners, which means we’re a reading bunch. For the individual who flies through titles, this option is great for trying to gift a unique read.

For the stressed-out law firm marketer

The life of a law firm marketer isn’t easy at times, and there are days when it can be a bit much. That’s when a good self-care routine comes in handy — maybe supported by one of these gifts?

  • Spafinder gift card: A great gift for the legal marketer who has everything — and way too much on their plate. Some pampering is always welcomed, and this lets you choose your preferred spa!
  • Headspace or Calm app subscription: Oooohhhhhmmmm. Help your favorite legal marketer learn to take a pause with these popular meditation apps. A subscription unlocks extra meditations and other features. 
  • 3-Minute Morning Journal: Journaling can be a great way to beat stress and get focused. This one also teaches a specific method for journaling, which can help if someone is new to the practice.
  • Gavel foam stress toy: When all else fails, this stocking stuffer can be — safely — tossed at a wall or banged on a desk. Quiet but effective stress management. 
  • Natural Salt lamp for desk: For a bit of zen on your desk, these natural salt lamps offer the perfect among of gentle light.

For the traveling law firm marketer

Whether it’s heading to the annual LMA conference or getting face time with a firm’s offices, law firm marketers can travel a lot. Here are some gift ideas to make it fun and easy. 

  • The TravelCard Charger: A nifty piece of tech that’s about the size of a thick credit card and will charge a smartphone with enough juice to provide five more hours of talk time. 
  • Cocktail Kits 2 Go: These travel-friendly cocktail kits include the premium ingredients you need to craft and enjoy a top-notch cocktail or mocktail whether you’re in the air, on the road, or just enjoying happy hour at home.
  • Portable second monitor: For those of us who work with a second monitor, the worst part of traveling can be trying to operate off only your laptop. For the marketer who is often on the road, make work life a bit easier with a second monitor.
  • Peloton membership: When you are on the road often and a fitness fan, services like Peloton are wonderful for offering no-gym-required classes and options. Also great for the health-obsessed marketer (see below for more recs!). 

For the caffeinated law firm marketer

The key to effective law firm marketing? Caffeine. Lots of caffeine. These gift options can help any law firm marketer power through the hectic daily grind.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee: Blue Bottle has some great gift ideas to please every coffee connoisseur. Another option might be a coffee subscription or one for tea!
  • Ember Mug: No more cold coffee! The Ember Mug makes sure that your drink stays at your desired temperature — even if you poured it an hour ago. 
  • Cold brew iced coffee maker: Cold-brew coffee fans swear by the mellow flavors this slow-steeping approach brings out in their favorite beans. This gadget makes it easy. 

For the law firm marketer with a sense of humor

You don’t survive in legal marketing without a good sense of humor. Anything to tickle the funny bone can go a long way. 

For the health-nut marketer

Staying healthy is key to being at the top of your game. Here are some suggestions to keep legal marketers in tip-top shape or maybe just more aware of their health.

  • VARIDESK Pro: VARIDESK turns any desk into a standing desk. All you have to do is place the double-level stand on top of your existing workspace — no attachments or assembly necessary. 
  • Hydration-tracking water bottles: A great way to encourage a legal marketer to get enough water.
  • 23 & Me: Marketers love data. This unique gift gives them data about themselves. With a 23 & Me kit, you can get genetic insights into your ancestry, traits, and health. The kit delivers more than 150 personalized reports.

For any law firm marketer

Making a law firm marketer’s job easier is also a great gift. Here are some things they might be hankering for but perhaps won’t buy for themselves. 

  • Subscriptions to tools they can use, such as:

  • Noise-cancelling headphones: For when a legal marketer has to buckle down, tune out distractions and get work done.
  • Blue-light glasses: Blue-light blocking glasses can help mitigate the effects of staring at a screen all day, especially tired, blurry, dry and irritated eyes. 
  • Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad: We’re not sure what it is about a good shower, but sometimes the best ideas come at the strangest times. This cute waterproof notepad means ideas won’t ever go forgotten because they couldn’t be written down.
  • RocketBook reusable digital notebook: For all those notes a legal marketer takes in meetings with lawyers — that are immediately stored in the cloud. The pages can be wiped clean and used over and over. 

Spread cheer to every legal marketer this holiday season

Law firm marketers work hard all year long and deserve a little something for their efforts. The perfect gift will spark some joy that will likely sustain them through the year ahead. Happy marketers are effective marketers! So go ahead and treat someone to something from this list — or let us know below what you think would be the perfect gift.


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