3 easy B2B marketing videos you can create right now (and how to create them)

November 16, 2017

You’ve heard thought leaders hüpfburg kaufen telling you to create more online video.

You’re reading about the importance of video marketing on industry blogs (guilty as charged).

You’re seeing your competitors produce video content, and maybe you’re getting pressure from higher-ups at your company to do the same.

Here’s the thing: If you wait to feel 100% prepared before starting something, you’ll never accomplish anything. (Click to tweet!) It’s time to stop putting it off.

Your first video doesn’t have to be a perfectly polished masterpiece. It won’t be. (If it is, here’s where to submit to Sundance.)

The best way to start producing video is to dive right in. Grab a video camera or your smartphone and read on for three easy ways to create B2B video.

1. Subject-matter-expert interviews

Interviewing experts on your staff is a great way to build credibility for your business and educate prospects with useful information.

Here’s your game plan:

    1. Film interviews with your experts
    2. Edit the footage into short educational videos on different topics
    3. Promote the videos on social media to educate your target audience
    4. Create transcripts of the videos and use those to create related blog posts (this also helps with SEO ranking for your website)

What should your team say on camera?

Wondering how to conduct effective subject-matter expert (SME) interviews? Click below for seven tips:

2. Client testimonials

Are client testimonials really that important? Consider this: The majority of B2B buyers rely on peer recommendations before making a purchasing decision. Also, testimonials are the most-used marketing tactic, with 62% of companies leveraging them in their marketing efforts. So yes, I’d say they’re kind of a big deal.

Here’s your game plan:

    1. Film your best client(s) raving about you (like this!)
    2. Put the video(s) on your website (alongside case studies, on your services page, etc.)
    3. Post them to social media and your company’s video hosting platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
    4. Give them to your salespeople to use in the sales process

What should you have your client say on camera? Ask them to:

    • Share one thing they love about working with you
    • Explain how your particular process or capabilities benefits them
    • Tell the story of how you helped them solve a particular problem
    • Talk about tangible results they experienced thanks to working with you

You don’t want to put words in their mouth with a script, but you want to guide their thought process with questions that fit your vision for the video. Keep it genuine and conversational!

3. Go behind the scenes

People love getting a peek “behind the curtain” and seeing the personality behind your brand. I noticed this when I worked in broadcast news — people enjoyed learning about my reporting process, getting breaking news updates “off the air” and seeing how technology like green screens and satellite trucks make TV magic happen. I would share all of that info with viewers over social media. Look for opportunities to share fun updates and videos that showcase your company’s work culture on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s your game plan:

    1. Film short videos about interesting happenings in the office (or encourage your employees to capture video if they work in the field)
    2. Post them to your company’s social media platforms
    3. Write a description or explanation for the post, when appropriate
    4. If the video relates to a particular product or service, consider linking to a relevant page on your website so your viewers can learn more

Bonus idea: Platforms like Instagram and Facebook Live offer creative ways to leverage live video to boost your B2B marketing efforts. Just remember: You can’t edit out bloopers when you’re live!

Do it live

Love these ideas, but don’t have the time to tackle it all yourself? That’s okay, too! These concepts still apply if you prefer to partner with an agency to produce your video content.

Do you have any other video ideas? Questions about how to capture video? Let me know on Twitter or send me an email at steven@rep-ink.com


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