4 types of video B2B companies should be using in their marketing

October 19, 2017

4 types of video for B2B marketing

It’s likely your B2B company is vendita parco acquatico gonfiabile already incorporating video into its marketing efforts. If not, what are you waiting for? The majority of internet users today watch videos every single day. Not only that, but companies that use video marketing grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.

Strategically produced videos can:

    • Educate your audience
    • Showcase your successes
    • Differentiate your brand
    • Drive viewers to action

But what kinds of video should you focus aufblasbare wasserrutschen kaufen on? Let’s examine four types of video you should start leveraging to grow your business.

1. Testimonial videos

Do you read customer reviews on Amazon before making a purchase? Of course you do, because you’re a normal human person. Online reviews are the new social proof, and they’re a major influencer on purchasing decisions today.

Testimonial videos combine the value of engaging visuals with the power of social proof. Here are some tips to keep in mind when producing a client testimonial video:

    • Be selective — Choose your most satisfied customer(s) to sing your praises on camera. Also, select clients that have a good story to tell and who can point to tangible results you provided.
    • Guide without writing a script — You don’t want to put words in your client’s mouth, but you don’t want to let them totally run free either. Share your high-level vision for the video and give them an idea on what points you’d like them to touch on. (A good format to keep in mind: Have them express their challenge/problem, how you helped and the difference it made for their business.)
    • Show, don’t just tell — The beauty of video is that we can see what the client is talking about, not just hear about it. Take advantage of b-roll footage to show the viewer examples of the work you provided, the results, etc. (No one wants to stare at a talking head for three minutes anyway.)

Here’s a great example of a testimonial video for our client Stellar about a project they completed for Royal Cup Coffee in Birmingham, Alabama:


2. Case study videos

We all know case studies are critical in marketing professional services and other B2B sectors. Video case studies are a way to showcase your successes by telling a visual story — and it’s a more forgiving way to “brag” because people love stories. Plus, video case studies can be more convincing and often convert better than their text counterparts.

Here’s a video we shot and produced for our client Rayonier showcasing how they’re utilizing drones to improve their forest management efforts:


3. Thought leadership interviews

By now you’ve likely heard a lot about the importance of thought leadership and how it can set your people, brand and services apart from the pack. Video interviews with subject-matter experts on your staff can:

  • Educate your audience
  • Provide value for the viewer
  • Establish credibility for your subject-matter experts

Plus, like we’ve been saying, the added dimension of video means you can show and tell. Videos have high shareability in forums where you may be promoting thought leadership content to begin with (e.g., LinkedIn, industry forums, etc.).

Below is another example of a video we produced for Stellar. It features one of their subject-matter experts discussing the firm’s expertise with virtual reality technology and how they incorporate it into the design process:


4. Fun stuff: Holiday greetings, culture videos, social media

Of course, there are a lot of fun and creative ways to leverage video to showcase your company, too. People trust businesses that are genuine and relatable, and showing your company’s personality through video is a great way to establish that rapport.

Some fun ways to use video include:

    • Holiday greeting “cards”
    • Behind-the-scenes videos
    • “About me” Q&As with employees
    • Facebook Live sessions
    • Short clips of office events on social media

Just for fun, here’s our (Gold ADDY-award-winning) Christmas video from last year:


(Insider tip: Look for another Rep Ink video coming your way this holiday season!)

Don’t let video intimidate you! You don’t need to be a full-blown production studio to create compelling video content for your business. Even if it’s just shooting some basic stuff on a smartphone, the first step to success is starting with something.

Have questions about those first steps to start producing video content in-house? Wondering how to form a more robust video strategy for your business? Feel free to hit me up at 904-374-5733 or steven@rep-ink.com.


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