July AEC firm rankings, lists, awards and PR opportunities

July 12, 2024

In my neck of the woods, it is back-to-school season. 

I know!

This heat begs for pool days and popsicles. But alas.

I’ve always loved back-to-school vibes. The freshly sharpened pencils, the rainbow of highlighters, the color-coded binders standing at attention. It’s no wonder that, in adulthood, I found my way to a role that allows me to treat each month as a fresh start.

At Rep Ink, we keep monthly tabs on the brightest opportunities we think are worth your architecture, engineering and construction firm’s time. And while things tend to slow down in the summer, rest assured that we will continue to send all relevant awards and rankings your way. 

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Maximizing visibility and impact: how to effectively promote your AEC firm’s projects

July 9, 2024

Effectively showcasing your architecture, engineering, and construction firm’s projects is essential for attracting clients, skilled project partners, and top talent. But no one likes a show pony. If you’re going to draw attention to yourself, it better be worth it, and you need to know how to capitalize on your audience’s curiosity in a way that leads to new business opportunities.

From innovative designs to sustainable solutions, each project represents your firm’s expertise and creativity. However, promoting these projects requires a strategic approach to ensure maximum visibility and impact. After all, you don’t want to spam potential clients with fluff. 

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June AEC firm rankings, lists, awards and PR opportunities

June 13, 2024

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising these days.

Many of our architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) clients are experiencing busy seasons. Whether your team is working to attract talent, generate proposals or pursue new business opportunities, it can feel like proactive PR efforts are something you just don’t have time for.

We know someone who can help (gentle wink).

Below are a few proactive initiatives we keep our eyes on year over year. We know your inbox is filled with promises of fame and fortune by pay-to-play options, but these are the few we think are worth your valuable time this month:

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