The best social media marketing and professional development tool you’re not using

August 7, 2014


Even if you think you understand how to use social media for professional development, you probably aren’t taking advantage of Twitter chats. I know, you’re probably picturing an AOL chat room circa 1999, but Twitter chats really are the hidden gem of social media for professionals. From staying on top of new developments in your industry to landing a job interview, Twitter chats are a largely untapped networking resource.

What is a Twitter chat?

Generally speaking, a Twitter chat is a planned event with a pre-determined hashtag (such as #AIAchat for the American Institute of Architects) in every tweet so that you can follow the hashtag in order to view and participate in the chat. Most chats are recurring, many on a weekly or monthly basis at a set day and time. There is usually a moderator who leads the discussion, often specifying the questions/issues to be discussed.

The AIA has a monthly chat that provides a great example. Each month AIA chooses a specific topic to tackle and a moderator offers up several questions over the course of an hour to stimulate discussion on the topic.

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Social media lessons from US Airways (and Tide and Oreo)

April 14, 2014

US Airways tweeted a pornographic photograph today in response to a customer complaint. If that’s not shocking enough, try this: it took a full hour for the tweet to be discovered and removed.

Thanks to US Airways, companies around the world are sure to be reviewing or developing social media monitoring policies. It’s not the first time we should have all learned a valuable lesson about monitoring our social media accounts, however. Here’s a look at two case studies from the world of sports that might further convince you that social media is a full-time responsibility, not just something you log onto when convenient.

How Tide blew a golden opportunity on Twitter

Monitoring social media isn’t simply about preventing major mistakes like the one made by US Airways, it’s also about not missing opportunities. One of the biggest missed opportunities in Twitter history came in 2012 during the Daytona 500.

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The time to embrace Twitter for professional development was yesterday

April 10, 2014

Hand with Hashtag

When my book publisher told me I had to get on Twitter four years ago to “build my platform,” I thought he was crazy. I didn’t have time to sit around reading people’s tweets about what they had for lunch, and no one I knew was even on Twitter to follow me. How was tweeting about my book going to help me eventually sell books if no one was reading my tweets?

Flash forward four years, and I can honestly say Twitter changed my life. It was a key catalyst for me leaving my job as an attorney

to become a sports business reporter at ESPN for the last two years. Twitter has gotten me on national television and radio programs as an expert guest, garnered me speaking invitations for conferences all over the country, and it has indeed helped me sell books. I also happened to meet both my agent and my husband on Twitter, so when I say it has been life changing, I’m not exaggerating.

Convinced but not sure where to start?

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