#FamousMelaniaQuotes: How to avoid plagiarism in your marketing

July 19, 2016

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes: How to avoid plagiarism in your marketing

Melania Trump's elephant-sized mistake is trending everywhere, positioning plagiarism as one of the most talked about topics from the Republican National Convention. ICYMI: The wife of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump gave a speech that contained word-for-word pieces of current first lady Michelle Obama's 2008 speech

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Is your company guilty of these top blogging mistakes?

April 21, 2016

Is your company guilty of these top blogging mistakes?A blinking cursor on a blank screen is the devil on the shoulder of a writer. It's the visual manifestation of writer's block. My most recent episode? When I was trying to pen a guest article for a local business magazine. I wanted to contribute something that would educate B2B marketers. I know. Not very narrow. *Blink. Blink. Blink.* Then, I thought of ways I probe our clients when determining topics for their blog posts. "What's a common misperception or challenge you're noticing from your clients?" Well, for us, it's blogging. Devil gone. 

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A blog with stick figures has some of the most engaging marketing copy (and here’s why)

March 10, 2016

 Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.46.39 PM (2)

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Go big with your tone & get right swipes from the right prospects

November 12, 2015

Go big with your tone & get right swipes from the right prospects

In my last INKsights post, I encouraged readers to grow a pair and get vulnerable. Today, I’m urging them to use said pair to stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Sorry, not sorry for the running theme.

Speaking of not sorry, I know y’all are all INBOUNDed out by now, but we still have more great takeaways to share from HubSpot’s annual conference. Here are a few from an all-time fave, MarketingProfs’ Ann Handley. Her session titled “Bigger, Braver and Bolder” was jam-packed with nuggets so awesome they helped me forget about my aching head and stomach on the last day of the conference (open bars are always a good idea in the moment). 

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Are you helping or hurting your marketing content?

August 19, 2015

summer jam series (1)
Effective writing is an integral part of marketing success and excellent writers are necessary in producing valuable content. While sometimes you’re helping your marketing content, other times (without noticing) you could be hurting it. If you’re not writing with a purpose, you’ve chosen the latter. Since this is my first time working in a marketing firm, it was no surprise that I needed to sharpen my writing skills and fine-tune my technique. If you’re in need of some improvement (let’s be honest, everyone has room to improve), there are a number of resources available online to help hone your skills.

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'Unfinished Business' content marketing memes

March 6, 2015

Vince Vaughn's new movie, Unfinished Business, hits theaters today. Co-starring Dave Franco and Tom Wilkerson, the flick features a small-business trip gone wrong. It generated buzz around the Internet earlier this week after Twentieth Century Fox and iStock created a hilarious batch of stock photos starring the Unfinished Business cast. We decided to get in on the fun by using them as a canvas for some content marketing memes. Check them out:

content marketing meme

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Why every blog needs an editorial calendar

February 25, 2015

GettyImages_488499107Many of the clients we work with understand the benefits of having a blog. Most, however, haven't embraced developing an editorial calendar. That's a huge mistake.

Assigning bloggers to specific days, thereby creating an editorial calendar, makes many bloggers nervous. You want the freedom and flexibility to write when it’s convenient for you – we understand that. However, an editorial calendar has benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Ensure frequency

An editorial calendar ensures you have a minimum number of posts per week. According to a study by HubSpot, companies that post more than 15 blogs per month receive five times more traffic on their website than companies that don’t blog at all. If you have a smaller team of writers -- or maybe it's just you -- 15 posts per month might not be a reasonable goal. However, the same study showed companies that increase blogging from three to five times per month to six to eight times per month almost double their leads.

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How to choose a web firm: get (and love) what you pay for

November 20, 2014

web design, choosing a web agency

It won't take much convincing to make the case that your corporate website is one of your hardest-working assets. It's:

• Your brand’s first impression for most people
• A marketing and sales tool that works 24/7/365
• An information resource for prospects
• The most powerful recruitment tool
• Where visitors turn into leads, and hopefully customers

With the typical lifespan of a corporate website lasting three to four years, you’ll want to make sure your decision is one you can live with for that long. One of the best ways to avoid buyer’s remorse is to not let price be your deciding vote when choosing a web firm.

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Corporate website redesign: 7 tips for starting off right

July 29, 2014

blueprint, web strategy

Redesigning a large corporate or law firm website is no simple task. Between multiple department heads, vendors and extensive service or practice listings, it’s difficult to keep things moving in the right direction. In an attempt to make your project run as smoothly as possible, here are a few lessons I’ve learned along the (hard) way:

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Death to lorem ipsum: why content must come first in website design

June 10, 2014

Lorem_ipsum_smallAs website content writers and strategists, we’ve been involved in many projects that go like this: An information architecture (the organization or structure of the site) has already been developed, wireframes created, page layouts designed, colors chosen, photos taken and “lorem ipsum” (industry standard “dummy” text) placed throughout. And that’s when we get a call. Our assignment is to write the copy (the text on the page), which will be “flowed in” just before the site goes live.

While this is an incredibly common way to build websites, it’s not the most effective. As Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing with Web Standards, once said, “Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” However Zeldman also said, “‘Content’ doesn’t mean ‘having all the copy.’ It means knowing what the site is about, what kinds of information it will present; it also means knowing something about the intended users and what they might want to be able to do on such a website.”

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