3 ways the Jacksonville Sheriff builds bridges with social media

May 5, 2016

3 Ways the Jacksonville Sheriff Builds Bridges With Social Media

We’ve all done it.

Dinner is simmering on the stove and, hey, I have a few minutes to kill. Let me just give social media a quick scan.

Then, before we know it we’ve watched three Tasty videos, an adorable (but worrisome) clip of dogs playing with a bear and received some life motivation from a pre-kindergartener. BAM.

Dinner burns and we find ourselves scraping burnt pasta from the bottom of our cast-iron pot, and eating Nutella out of the jar. Again.

Good content does that. It grabs ya and pulls ya in and makes ya want more.

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Lead gen vs. demand gen: Stop generating confusion

April 12, 2016

Lead gen vs. demand gen

There’s nothing worse than getting someone’s name wrong. And depending on when that offense occurs, catastrophe can take place. That being said, are you using “demand generation” when “lead generation” is what you really mean? If so, your marketing efforts could face catastrophe, too.

Lead gen and demand gen may be sisters from other misters, but they are not one in the same. With proper planning, they can complement each other. But you’ll need to pick a team for each tactic you use -- one piece of content can’t achieve both demand gen and lead gen goals.

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The Social Saga: 3 Exciting New Social Media Tools for Content Marketers

February 18, 2016

The Social Saga: 3 Exciting New Social Media Tools for Content Marketers

It’s no secret there are (literally) millions of potential prospects just waiting to be found on social media. The hard part is figuring out how to engage them. Marketers spent years waiting for technology to catch up to the capabilities they envisioned. Soon, it’ll be marketers catching up to all the potential social media has to offer. Not only do social media channels inherently support the inbound strategy — creating and promoting informative, non-salesy content to engage consumers and convert prospects — but now they’re beginning to offer ways to track progress. Thanks to innovative new tools, social media is becoming more than just a convenient way to reach a massive audience, but a prime platform for strategic content marketing.

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What Elf on the Shelf can teach us about content shelf life

December 14, 2015

What Elf on the Shelf can teach us about content shelf life

What's in an elf?

I remember my first encounter with Elf on the Shelf: I was babysitting a pair of siblings who in no way got along. The destructive duo had this ugly felt elf who changed positions every night, but they weren’t allowed to touch him, or else his magic would be ruined. If they acted up, the elf would tattle to Santa and they would be put on the naughty list. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard — but they believed it.

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How to spin social media into your content spiderweb

October 22, 2015

Leveraging your platforms for engagement AND content promotion

how to spin social media into your content spiderweb

Regardless of its substance, I’m unwilling to commit to a podcast or audiobook unless the host’s voice is completely captivating. You know, a voice that makes you want to stop multitasking and just listen. Some voice boxes that rock:

*Note to self: Investigate more podcasters named Sarah/ name future child Sarah to set her up for audible greatness.

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6 reasons you need an internal social media policy

July 21, 2015

Rep Ink blog- internal social media policy (1)

Last month, I was invited to speak at the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) convention on the topic of internal social media policies. Entitled "Who's in Charge?" my presentation (which you can watch here) covered the issues that can arise when you have multiple employees posting to your company or organization's social media accounts. Though there are some nuances within college athletics, the problems I discussed are consistent across nearly every industry.

Many companies have social media policies regarding how employees use their personal accounts, covering such things as not disclosing confidential client information. However, far fewer have internal policies that govern how the company accounts are managed and utilized.

Although every situation is unique, there are six primary reasons I think every company needs an internal social media policy to govern usage of its own accounts:

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How new service EdgeTheory is leveraging college sports fans on Twitter

May 11, 2015


Ole Miss Athletics is partnering with EdgeTheory, which calls itself a "conversation media company," for a new Twitter campaign centered around the message "We Are Ole Miss" using the hashtag #WAOM.

Instead of simply asking fans to use the hashtag, or creating a contest to incentivize fans to use the hashtag, Ole Miss is using EdgeTheory's Soundboard technology to push out pre-approved tweets through fans' own Twitter accounts.

How it works

"Soundboard works with a team’s athletic department or marketing group to coordinate and publish pre-approved messages through the Twitter accounts of their fans," explained EdgeTheory's chief administrative officer, Darryl Pieroni. "The result is increased conversation share of the games, trends, and events that make up the buzz around their team’s program. "

"When one person talks, soon two people are talking. When thousands are talking, the sky's the limit."

Who can join and how

Anyone with a Twitter account can join the #WAOM campaign for free (and, in fact, even those without a Twitter account can sign up and an account will be created for them). Fans simply go to weareolemiss.com to sign up. As you can see from the screenshot below, fans get the choice to customize the tweets that will be generated for their account.

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Want to spice up your social media videos? Try Dubsmash.

April 15, 2015

Want to spice up your social media videos? Try Dubsmash.

When scrolling through Vine the other night, I came across a ton of videos with the text overlay "dubsmash.com." How? One of my favorite celebrity Viners, Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family, was re-vining tons of these videos showing fans acting out one of his character Cam's hysterical scenes.

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Near a microphone? Be careful with your words

April 9, 2015

Is that microphone on?

In the past few weeks, there have been numerous examples of people speaking within range of a microphone that they either 1) didn’t know was on, or 2) knew it was on and didn’t care if what they said was heard.

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Publicity stunts can be bold - just don’t let them backfire

March 18, 2015

Publicity Stunts Can Be Bold - Just Don't Let Them BackfireFor years, PR and marketing stunts have been doing what they are designed to do – make media headlines and generate attention with the public. One of the earliest publicity stunts was in 1896 when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad organized a staged crash between two full-size trains in Crush, Texas. Attendance was free with 40,000 people viewing the crash, but unfortunately the stunt backfired – some of the attendees lost their lives when the train boilers exploded blasting bolts, iron scraps and debris into the crowd.

Since then stunts have come in many forms, and some have even gone from stunt to time-honored tradition such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. As the world has gone digital, so have stunts with some receiving the most attention via social media and some beginning on social platforms.

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